How to make Windows Media Player crossfade audio or video tracks.

Windows Media Player 10 has got an additional feature called the Windows Media Player Crossfade, now what this does is collects a bunch of audio or video files, plays them and instead of the usual 2-3 sec gap between songs goes straight into the next one seamlessly.

The brilliant thing about this is that you can create a much more unique experience. CD's that play on a regular Hi-fi or In car system will have a gap, this is because the data has been stored in this fashion. Whereas Windows Media Player slowly fades the files out and then in again without you noticing a thing.

So let's get started learning how to do this. Make sure to follow the pictures below carefully, and you should be on your way to a succesful playback experience.

So first of all just as an example put two tracks onto your now playing section.

Before you click that play button, you will just need to do a few things to succesfully set up the crossfade.

Firstly go to the View Menu, located along the top of the Windows Media Player Window. Then Click Enhancements


From this dropdown menu, select Crossfading and Auto Volume Levelling. You will now see a new menu system open just above your player controls

win media 3

Then click "Turn on Crossfading". The below options will now become available to you. Now at this point it is your choice on how much crossfade you allow Windows Media Player to do, obviously this crossfade will take effect on the track depending on how many seconds you tell it. So just take the slider and decide how many seconds. Once you have done this you have completed the process.Simply play an audio track and watch how effective the crossfade is into the next track.

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