Windows Media Player Enhancements Explained

This short article will explain what the Windows Media Player Enhancements do when activated.

Colour Chooser

This tool changes the look and feel of the Windows Media Player Window to match your desktop or to a colour further matched with the content displaying in the main window.

Crossfade and Auto Volume Levelling:

Here is a link to an article where I explain about crossfading:

Windows Media Player Crossfade

Volume Levelling is basically a way to keep song volume at the same pitch when it is either at a quiet section or a loud section, Windows Media Player dynamically recognizes this and alters the track volume.

Graphics Equalizer

If your song or video has a varied sound range, you may want to experiment with Graphic Equalizer. This tool acts as a way for users to either use preset equalizations such as:

  • New Age

  • Folk
  • Or you can use the graphics based volume control to change the levels.

    Media Link for Email

    If you found a great link either from the Media Guide or a Windows Media Compatible video file online, then this tool allows you to attach a link in an email which you can send via your email client

    Play Settings

    When you want to scan through a piece of media quickly this tool is great to speed up and slow down the content you are listening to or watching!

    Quiet Mode

    Are your speakers working out the difference between loud and quiet in movies, probaly not. By enabling this mode you can either have "Medium Difference" or "Little Difference" on how Windows Media Player will alter the sound of your content

    SRS Wow Effects

    By having a compatible Dolby Digital decoder and set of speakers you want to get the best sound out of your movies, so with this SRS effect you can bring the media more to life and turn on the WOW!

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