Volume Leveling in WMP

Do you want to start doing volume leveling in WMP, if so read the below instructions for more information.

Volume Levelling is a special tool which allows all the tracks played in Windows Media Player to be at the same volume all the time.

To add Volume Leveling to tracks you add to the Windows Media Library simply:

Press F3 in the Windows Media Player Window, this will bring up the Add Files by Searching Computer

You will then want to click advanced options, select 'Add volume leveling values for all files'. When you add a file which is in the WMA or MP3 format the volume levelling will take effect.

To use volume leveling on the currently playing track open up the enhancements section of Windows Media Player

win media 3

Then click on Auto Volume Leveling

To add volume levelling to CD's you are burning:

Go to Tools>>Options

Choose the Devices Tab

Click Properties then choose the 'quality' tab

Then choose 'Apply volume leveling to music when it is burned'

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