A Guide on how to install Windows Media Player 11

This page is a guide on how to install Windows Media Player 11 on your Windows PC.

Note: Windows Media Player has been updated to Windows Media Player 12. Click here to view the official Microsoft guide on Windows Media Player 12.

To start with you will want to click the below link:

Windows Media Player 11 Download Link
Once you have done this locate where you file is saved, the default location is likely to be on your desktop.

To check where you saved a file in Firefox:

Go to Tools>>Options

Then click the 'Main' Tab

Look at the area where the header says 'Downloads', this will tell you where you have saved it

In Internet Explorer the default is the Desktop

So now we go to the location of the file, for instance for me it will be the desktop, you will want to double click on the file


Once you have done this the setup file will load up:


You will now have to validate your Windows XP/Vista machine, validation is basically a way of Microsoft checking if the copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista is legit and has a valid product key. By clicking Validate the setup program will then check your computer


On the next screen click I accept , then on the next screen click next and then the program will begin to install itself. You have now successfully used this guide to install Windows Media Player 11.

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