Installing Device Drivers in Windows Media Player

Installing Device Drivers

In some instances the media device you wish to connect to Windows Media Player such as the Creative Zen Micro or the iRiver Clix may not be recognized as a storage device.

This problem is very simply solved usually by Microsoft Update searching the server and retrieving the files needed to connect the device. But you can also use Windows Media Player to begin installing the drivers, you will need an active internet connection and a connected media device for the device drivers to be put onto.

If you wish to update the device drivers simply:

1)Click on the Tools menu

2)Then click download

3)Click Supported Drivers and Devices

4) This will then load a website that will provide you with all the info you will need to find the appropriate driver for your device.

If you have no luck updating the device drivers this way, you may wish to go to the manufacturers website. Check their support section, you will find driver downloads here. Be sure to contact them if you have any other problems that may arise.

Once you have updated your drivers you may have to either restart your machine or just simply restart Windows Media Player

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